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Headlice Treatment Services

We offer the following services

  • headlice treatment and nits (eggs) removal
  • assisting hair and beauty salons by cleansing clients
  • scalp treatments
  • wash, shampoo and condition hair

Our headlice treatment salon will solve your family's head lice problem, with a chemical free natural product that removes hair lice and nits (eggs), while you wait in our relaxing family friendly environment - where you can have a cup of tea/coffee, surf the internet or watch younger siblings in our play area.

After using our headlice treatment services you will notice that your hair and scalp will be the cleanest that it can ever be. We dont just treat the hair of adults and kids for lice we are in fact giving your scalp a great work out as well. If you have dandruff we can treat that alongside the natural head lice treatments. Your scalp will feel great.

We can provide advice on how your family members can remain lice and nit free.